Open-source geo is really something right now

Open-source geo is really something right nowIn March a helpful Internet person named Michal Migurski tweeted:Want to help @openaddr derive a parcel dataset for the US? I know of funding for a quick development project.Many people who work at Postlight are the kinds of people who sit up straight in their chair when someone says “derive a parcel data set.” So I pinged Michal and was introduced to Waldo Jaquith, another helpful Internet person and Director of U.S. Open Data. Then, as Waldo wrote:U.S. Open Data is a long-time supporter of the Open Addresses project, a volunteer-run project that aggregates government-published address datasets to create a global repository of the coordinates of street addresses. Anecdotally, project volunteers had noticed that a fair number of the data sources contained not just the latitude and longitude of an address, but the boundaries of the parcel. That raised the question of how many

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