One command static website setup on AWS S3

Problem to solve

I want to setup static website on AWS S3 under 10 minutes. Also

Available options

I couldn’t find a fast enough way to do it. Ways I tried:

Setting up on AWS Console GUI – no way I am doing this again. Way too many stuff to go wrong
Writing Cloudformation template – I can tell this was not designed for human beings.
Documentation complexity and randomness kicks you off. It is way too complicated for such simple start
Terraform – to learn this thing and write my own template took ~3h.
So, really is it really not possible to setup fast?

User friendly Terraform template

That’s why I created new Github Repo, that me and other peple could do it by executing single command


Follow the steps described in the README, but it is more less all about setting up your website.tfvars file:

region = “eu-west-1”
domain = “” #
domainAlias = “” # jevsejev_io
subdomain = “” #

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