Myth debunking: WebViews suck, everything should be native

200 screens, 2 programmers, 1 designer, 40 hour weeks, 3 vacations, 1 sabbaticalBeing a small company is something we hold dear at Basecamp — it’s a core value of the company.But Basecamp 3 is not a small app — its feature set is both broad and deep. It has well over 200 unique screens, and new ones are added every week.And yet with so many features and screens, Basecamp 3 for Android was still built by only two programmers and one designer.In earnest, the Android app started development in March 2015 (when we assembled our full team), and the it launched at the beginning of November 2015. That’s roughly to 100% in 8 months.The key to shipping was that we leaned on the webviews where we needed to.While the Android team was building native functionality and views for high-touch screens (things like push notifications, navigation, the home screen), a whole bunch of other webview

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