Implementing your own recommender systems in Python

Nowadays, recommender systems are used to personalize your experience on the web, telling you what to buy, where to eat or even who you should be friends with. People’s tastes vary, but generally follow patterns. People tend to like things that are similar to other things they like, and they tend to have similar taste as other people they are close with. Recommender systems try to capture these patterns to help predict what else you might like.E-commerce, social media, video and online news platforms have been actively deploying their own recommender systems to help their customers to choose products more efficiently, which serves win-win strategy.
Two most ubiquitous types of recommender systems are Content-Based and Collaborative Filtering (CF). Collaborative filtering produces recommendations based on the knowledge of users’ attitude to items, that is it uses the “wisdom of the crowd” to recommend items. In contrast, content-based recommender systems focus on the

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