Java 8 for mobile

Write Once Run Anywhere Native Mobile Apps Using Java

Codename One allows Java developers to write their app once and have it work on all mobile devices (iOS, Android etc.).
It features a simulator, designer (visual theme/builder) and ports to multiple OS’s.

Codename One is a mature open source project and its roots go back to Sun Microsystems (2006) where one of its core underlying components was developed and open sourced.

This open source project includes the libraries, native OS ports, resource editor & native VM code for Codename One. It also includes themes and there are separate related projects containing demos, skins etc.

Codename One can be extended easily using 3rd party libraries that can include native OS code there is an extensive list of these libraries (cn1libs) here.

You can learn more about Codename One and its capabilities at the main site and you can read
additional documentation

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