[FOR GIT USERS] YoLog – Beautify Your Git Logs


Beautify your git logs !
Here is how default git logs look like:

Yolog wraps over standard git log and represents commit message history in a compact
manner. It provides a visualization of commit graph, and shows refs, tags and unmerged
branches altogether. A yolog powered git log looks like this:

Obtain stable release from PyPI
pip install yolog

To obtain the bleeding edge version, clone the repo and build it from source:
git clone https://www.github.com/karandesai-96/yolog
cd yolog && python setup.py build

To view yolog powered git log, simply execute yolog in terminal.
For brief instructions, execute yolog -h or yolog –help in terminal.
It also accepts arguments which are used to filter output.
These arguments are same as those accepted by standard git log.
Here are the most common used ones:
Command Example
yolog -n
Display recent n commits.
yolog –skip=n
Skip recent n commits and display further.
yolog –author=karan
Filter commits according to author. Part of name / whole
will be accepted.
yolog –before=dd-mmm-yyyy
Display commits before this

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