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The in-browser Notepad script is a handy tool to have a quick place to paste things from web. But how can we improve it further?This blog post is about my journey on improving the Notepad life hack bookmarklet.I can’t fully remember where I first stumbled upon the idea, but it’s covered in many publications around the Internet. The basic idea is simple – just copy-paste a special URL to your address bar and ta-da! You have a notepad.The full, original script is here:data:text/html,
Pasting that to your browser creates an empty web page with a data: URL that has the HTML5 contenteditable attribute specified.This allows the user to edit the content of the page, which is indicated by the blinking cursor. You can start typing right away:After some time of using the script, I thought I’m not so happy using a tool that uses Times New Roman as the font.Including

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