Facebook’s DarkForest Go AI Now on GitHub




Install torch7.
Install luarocks: class, image, tds, cudnn
For Cudnn, please install the driver from NVidia. This program supports 1-4 GPUs.

Then just compile with the following command:

GCC 4.8+ is required. Depending on the location of your C++ compiler, please change the script accordingly. Tested in CentOS 6.5.


Step 1: Download the models.

Create ./models directory and download trained models.

Step 2: First run the GPU server

cd ./local_evaluator
sh cnn_evaluator.sh [num_gpu] [pipe file path]

num_gpu the number of GPUs (1-8) you have for the current machine.
pipe file path The path that the pipe file is settled. Default is /data/local/go. If you have specific other path, then you need to specify the same when running cnnPlayerMCTSV2.lua
Example: sh cnn_evaluator.sh 4 /data/local/go

Step 3: Run the main program

cd ./cnnPlayerV2
th cnnPlayerMCTSV2.lua [options]

See cnnPlayerV2/cnnPlayerMCTSV2.lua for a lot of options. For a simple first run (assuming you have 4 GPUs), you could use:

th cnnPlayerMCTSV2.lua –num_gpu

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