Where we’re at with 1999.io

Where we’re at with 1999.io
Well, it seems 1999.io is about finished. What that means is that it appears to be stable, it can be used for what it was designed to do. There are docs for getting people started, and a home page that links to it all. Here’s the reviewer’s guide page. It says what makes 1999.io different from other blogging software like WordPress, Ghost, Tumblr, Blogger, Medium, Drupal, etc. 1999.io picks up the thread from the blogging software I started in the 90s, culminating with Radio UserLand in 2002. Lots of good ideas there that weren’t picked up by the competitors. 1999.io goes way beyond Radio, with a more powerful Edit This Page feature, liveblogging, and easy backups and mobility. The UI is better — easier to learn and use, and more flexible, inspired by Facebook and Twitter, and the immediacy of JavaScript in the browser. 1999.io pushes the state of the art in blogging.

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