Seven months later, Valve’s Steam Machines look dead in the water

The top of the Alienware Steam Machine is a bit reminiscent of an armored turtle.View all…
It’s been about seven months now since Valve officially got into the hardware business with its Steam Machines, a line of Linux-powered gaming console/PC hybrids paired with a unique dual touchpad Steam Controller. Today, we’re getting our first concrete glimpse of the impact that hardware has had on the wider market for gaming machines—and the numbers don’t look too good for Valve.
As part of an update on new Steam Controller functions, Valve announced that it has sold over 500,000 Steam Controllers since the early November launch. A Valve representative confirmed to Ars that this number includes the controllers that are packaged with every branded Steam Machine sold through Valve’s hardware partners.
Put it together, and you find that there have been less than half a million Steam Machines sold over a span of more than half

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