CoreOS Launches Torus, a New Open Source Distributed Storage System

CoreOS on Wednesday launched Torus, an open source project that provides storage primitives designed for cloud-native apps and can be deployed like a containerized app via Kubernetes. With Torus, startups and enterprises get access to the same kind of technologies that web-scale companies such as Google already use internally. NetworkWorld reports: Torus is deployed by Kubernetes, side by side with the apps to which it provides storage, and it uses Kubernetes’s Flexvolume plugin to allow dynamic mounting of volumes for nodes in the cluster. This allows, for example, PostgreSQL to run atop Torus storage volumes. Torus also demonstrates how CoreOS is working on what happens around containers, not only what happens inside them. A key part of Torus is etcd, a distributed key/value store used by CoreOS to automatically keep configuration data consistent across all machines in a cluster. In Torus, etcd is used to store and replicate metadata for all the files and objects stored in the pool.

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