Sublime Text 3 has been released

Use Multiple Selections to rename variables quickly.
Here Ctrl+D⌘D is used to select the next occurrence of the current word.

Make batch edits with Multiple Selections.
Here Ctrl+Shift+L⇧⌘L is used to split a selection into lines, and each line is then edited simultaneously.

The Command Palette gives fast access to functionality.
Here Ctrl+Shift+P⇧⌘P is used to show the Command Palette, “sspy” (short for Set Syntax: Python) is used set the syntax of the current file to Python.

Use Goto Anything to quickly navigate between files, even in the largest projects.
Ctrl+P⌘P shows Goto Anything, and typing then filters on file and directory names.

Goto Anything can also be used to show a function, line or word within a file.
Type @ after a file name to filter on symbols. More…

Find and Replace with regular expressions.
Here unwanted whitespace is removed by using the regex ” +” to find groups of spaces, which are then selected simultaneously with the Find All button.

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