Why Android apps on Chromebooks are a really, really big deal (really!)

Put on your thinking caps, my friends, ’cause it’s time to get philosophical.

Ponder me this: What constitutes an “Android device”? It’s something I’ve been mulling ever since word broke that the entire Google Play Store of Android apps would be coming to Chrome OS later this year — and it’s a question I’ll ask you to keep in mind as we take the time to think through that move and what it could mean for us as consumers.

In case you were hiding out in a bunker last week and didn’t hear, Google officially announced that it’ll soon be possible for you to download Android apps on Chromebooks and use them as if they were native programs on the platform. It’s a pivotal step in the long-rumored “merger” of Android and Chrome OS — one that further solidifies the notion that this isn’t the kind of “merger” most folks were expecting (with the exception, of course, of all you smart and stunning anthropoids who follow this column).

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