How not to build a thoughtful community

How not to build a thoughtful community


These guys are doing it wrong. 

First, I don’t want their comments on my blog. I don’t know them. I don’t like that they didn’t give me a heads-up their service was coming. And I don’t like their attitude.

By being adversarial out of the gate, unless something radically changes, I won’t promote their service. I won’t incorporate what people say in their comments in my posts. I won’t read what they write. I’m very good at not looking at places I don’t want to look at. It’s an acquired skill over many years of being flamed by communities of trolls. 

Slice it however you want to do it. Be welcoming to trolls and hostile to site-creators, and you’ll get lots of trolls and you’ll be actively ignored by the people who take the risk of putting their ideas online. The other way might get you some intellect, some thinking and courage. You might help discourse. This way you’re just another annoyance I have to avert my attention from. 

Yes I know I’ve called attention to you by writing a post. Just this once. 

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