New AWS Quick Start Reference Deployment – Standardized Architecture for PCI DSS

If you build an application that processes credit card data, you need to conform to PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard). Adherence to the standard means that you need to meet control objectives for your network, protect cardholder data, implement strong access controls, and more.

In order to help AWS customers to build systems that conform to PCI DSS, we are releasing a new Quick Start Reference Deployment. The new Standardized Architecture for PCI DSS on the AWS Cloud (PDF or HTML) includes a AWS CloudFormation template that deploys a standardized environment that falls in scope for PCI DSS compliance (version 3.1).

The template describes a stack that deploys a multi-tiered Linux-based web application in about 30 minutes. It makes use of child templates, and can be customized as desired. It launches a pair of Virtual Private Clouds (Management and Production) and can accommodate a third VPC for development:

The template sets up the IAM items (policies, groups, roles, and instance profiles), S3 buckets (encrypted web content, logging, and backup), a Bastion host for troubleshooting and administration, an encrypted RDS database instance running in multiple Availability Zones, and a logging / monitoring / alerting package that makes use of AWS CloudTrail, Amazon CloudWatch, and AWS Config Rules. The architecture supports a wide variety of AWS best practices (all of which are detailed in the document) including use of multiple Availability Zones, isolation using public and private subnets, load balancing, auto scaling, and more.

You can use the template to set up an environment that you can use for learning, as a prototype, or as the basis for your own template.

The Quick Start also includes a Security Controls Reference. This document maps the security controls called out by PCI DSS to the relevant architecture decisions, features, and configurations.


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