Updated Skimer Malware Infects ATMs Worldwide

An anonymous reader writes: Researchers at Kaspersky have discovered an improved version of Backdoor.Win32.Skimer infecting ATM machines worldwide. The new Skimer allows criminal access to card data, including PIN numbers, as well as to the actual cash located in the machine. The malicious installers use the packer Thermida to disguise the Skimer malware which is then installed on the ATM. If the ATM file system is FAT32, the malware drops the file netmgr.dll in the folder C:WindowsSystem32. If the ATM has an NTFS file system, netmgr.dll is placed in the executable file of the NTFS data stream, which makes detection and analysis of the malware more difficult. Skimer may lie dormant for months until it is activated with the phsyical use of a “magic card,” which gives access control to the malware, and then offers a list of options that are accessed by inputing a choice on the pin pad. The user can then request the ATM to: show installation details, dispense money, start collecting the details of inserted cards, print collected card details, self delete, enable debug mode, and update. Here’s a video of the Skimer malware in action.

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