React-Boilerplate v3: The “JS Fatigue Antivenin” Edition

RBP v3: The “JS Fatigue Antivenin” Edition

React Boilerplate (RBP) v3.0.0 is out, and it’s a complete rewrite! :tada:

We’ve focused on becoming a rock-solid foundation to start your next project
with, no matter what its scale. You get to focus on writing your app because we
focus on making that as easy as pie.



  • Scaffolding: Thanks to @somus, you can now run $ npm run generate in your
    terminal and immediately create new components, containers, sagas, routes and
    selectors! No more context switching, no more “Create new file, copy and paste
    that boilerplate structure, bla bla”: just npm run generate and go.

    Oh… and starting a project got a whole lot easier too: npm run setup. Done.

  • Revamped architecture: Following the incredible discussion in #27 (thanks
    everybody for sharing your thoughts), we now have a weapons-grade, domain-driven
    application architecture.

    “Smart” containers are now isolated from stateless and/or generic components,
    tests are now co-located with the code that they validate.

  • New industry-standard JS utilties We’re now making the most of…

    • ImmutableJS
    • reselect
    • react-router-redux
    • redux-saga
  • Huge CSS Improvements

    • CSS Modules: Finally, truly modular, reusable
    • Page-specific CSS: smart Webpack configuration means that only the CSS
      your components need is served
    • Standards rock: Nothing beats consistent styling so we beefed up the
      quality checks with stylelint to help ensure
      that you and your team stay on point.
  • Performance

    • Code splitting: splitting/chunking by route means the leanest, meanest
      payload (because the fastest code is the code you don’t load!)
    • PageSpeed Metrics are built right in with npm run pagespeed
  • Testing setup: Thanks to @jbinto’s herculean efforts, testing is now a
    first-class citizen of this boilerplate. (the example app has 99% test coverage!)
    Karma and enzyme take care of unit testing, while ngrok tunnels your local
    server for access from anywhere in the world – perfect for testing on different
    devices in different locations.

  • New server setup: Thanks to the mighty @grabbou, we now use express.js to
    give users a production-ready server right out of the box. Hot reloading is
    still as available as always, but adding a custom API or a non-React page to
    your application is now easier than ever :smile:

  • Cleaner layout: We’ve taken no prisoners with our approach to keeping your
    code the star of the show: wherever possible, the new file layout keeps the
    config in the background so that you can keep your focus where it needs to be.

  • Documentation: Thanks to @oliverturner, this boilerplate has some of the best
    documentation going. Not just clearly explained usage guides, but easy-to-follow
    removal guides for most features too. RBP is just a launchpad: don’t want to
    use a bundled feature? Get rid of it quickly and easily without having to dig
    through the code.

  • Countless small improvements: Everything, from linting pre-commit (thanks
    @okonet!) to code splitting to cross-OS compatibility is now tested and ready
    to go:

    • We finally added a CoC
    • Windows compatibility has improved massively

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