Microsoft Needs To Fix Skype

It’s no secret that Microsoft has long stopped caring about Skype for Linux. But the VoIP and instant messaging service isn’t exactly working well on other platforms either. Microsoft reporter and critic Tom Warren lists a number of issues he continues to face on Skype. These issues include infrequent restarts, too many update prompts, and just having to deal with the unimpressive user interface that Skype throws at everyone’s face. “I’m not sure what Microsoft has done to Skype, but it sucks now,” he writes. Warren adds: Recently, friends and family have started experiencing some of the many issues I experience, including calls simply not connecting properly and every device in a home ringing non-stop even when a call is activated. Microsoft had promised to fix notifications blasting out to both your desktop machine and mobile, but I still frequently receive them in real-time on multiple devices. […] I regularly have to restart the app just to make a call, or have my microphone detected correctly. This isn’t a single device with driver issues, it’s consistent across machines. I can’t even scroll up and down on the contacts section of the Skype app with my trackpad, it just doesn’t work. Those are bugs that should be easy to address, but Microsoft has also struggled to get the UI right with Skype.

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