IBM’s approach to open technology

For several years, IBM has been recognized as a leader in open
technology, from its early work with Apache to its current work across all
layers of the cloud stack and application development. This recognition comes
on the back of tireless collaboration with fellow industry leaders and clients
alike. The case for open is clear: Projects that are managed under open
governance have been found to be more successful, have a longer life, and are
less risky than proprietary projects. The most successful projects are those
that ensure interoperability and portability, and address various other
enterprise needs such as security, scalability, and accessibility. IBM isn’t
just an open source consumer; it is also an ardent contributor to several projects, including Eclipse, Linux, OpenStack, Cloud Foundry, Node.js, Docker, Hyperledger, and many more. The company’s ongoing commitment to open technology is viewed as a means to form the very foundation of enterprise systems and solutions.

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