Google Devs Planning Flash’s Demise With New ‘HTML5 By Default’ Chrome Setting

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Softpedia: In a Google Groups thread named “Intent to implement: HTML5 by Default,” the Google developers announced initial plans to implement a new feature in the Chromium core that will disable the playback of Flash content by default, and use HTML5 instead, if available. The feature is scheduled to ship with Chromium builds in Q4 2016, according to the current timeline. To avoid “overprompting,” a whitelist will allow ten major websites to continue to show Flash content by default without pestering users with “Allow to run Flash Player” prompts. The whitelist will be in effect one year only. The list includes the domains of YouTube, Facebook, Yahoo, VK, Live, Yandex,, Twitch, Amazon, and, the biggest sites running Flash content today. Previews of the settings and prompts UI are also available.

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