Google Open-Sources SyntaxNet Natural-Language Understanding Library, Parsey McParseface Training Model

Google announced on Thursday that it is open sourcing its new language parsing model called SyntaxNet. It’s a piece of natural-language understanding software, Google says, that you can use automatically parse sentences, as part of its TensorFlow open source machine learning library. The company also announced that it is releasing something called Parsey McParseface (Google has a sense of humor), which is a pre-trained model for parsing English-language text. Nate Swanner of The Next Web, attempts to explain it: Combining machine learning and search techniques, Parsey McParseface is 94 percent accurate, according to Google. It also leans on SyntaxNet’s neural-network framework for analyzing the linguistic structure of a sentence or statement, which parses the functional role of each word in a sentence. If you’re confused, here’s the short version: Parsey and SyntaxNet are basically like five year old humans who are learning the nuances of language. In Google’s simple example above, ‘saw’ is the root word (verb) for the sentence, while ‘Alice’ and ‘Bob’ are subjects (nouns). Parsey’s scope can get a bit broader, too.

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