LinkedIn to support Instant Articles?

LinkedIn to support Instant Articles?


There are a few troubling things about this Buzzfeed piece saying that LinkedIn is creating their “own version” of Instant Articles.

  1. Why their own version? Why not just use the one we’re already creating for Facebook? We don’t need to have a proliferation of mostly-compatible feed formats. IA is great. The guy who goes second gets to set the standard. Don’t fork, emulate. Embrace without extending.
  2. And why just just with publishers? Why not talk with bloggers? I think ultimately this will be a similar kind of mistake to the ones that political parties made. Publishers are like big donors. Bloggers are equivalent to voters and grassroots organizers. 
  3. The bloggers haven’t gone away, big platform people, it’s just that you don’t see them because your platforms aren’t accommodating us. If you tweak things, just a little, you’ll find we’re even better friends than the big publishers. Get your thinking out of the 20th century box. 

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