Go 1.7 freeze announced

The Go 1.7 freeze has begun.

Important pending CLs can still be reviewed but really need to be completed and merged by the end of the week, or else postponed.

The remaining bug fix work should be focused on regressions since Go 1.6, especially the kind of crash/unavoidable problem that we would issue a point release for.

Open Go 1.7 bugs for problems that are not new since Go 1.6 should in general be postponed (moved to Unplanned milestone): if Go 1.6 behaved that way, it’s probably OK for Go 1.7 to continue to behave that way. That’s even more true if Go 1.5 or earlier also behaved that way.

As noted in past emails to golang-dev and on golang.org/wiki/Go-Release-Cycle, the constraints above are stricter than in past cycles. An explicit goal is to ship the first beta on time, by May 31, instead of many weeks late as has been our past practice. (If the past pattern held, this release’s first beta would be seven weeks late, or one week before the scheduled release date.)



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