Kraken: 3x faster decompression than zlib

New in Oodle – Kraken!
An amazing new compressor that gets both high compression and
super fast decode speeds!

Oodle is a library of data compression
tools specifically designed for games. Oodle includes several different lossless data compressors,
and a unique network packet compression solution.
Oodle Data Compression
provides the fastest and highest ratio compressors for game data. There’s a perfect Oodle compressor
for every need.
Oodle Network Compression can compress UDP or TCP packets like
nothing else, saving bandwidth for your players and servers.

Kraken is crazy fast

Kraken is a revolutionary new data compression algorithm that achieves very high compression ratios,
but with unheard-of-fast decodes. It gets compression like the highest compression
LZ compressors – LZMA, BitKnit, Brotli, and more than ZStd or RAR. With other compressors that means
accepting a tradeoff for slower speeds; in the past you had to choose high speed or high compression,
you couldn’t have both. Kraken blows that away, with decode speed 3X faster than Zlib, and 10-20X faster
than LZMA – way faster than anything else at its compression level.

Kraken is designed to run at blazing speeds on modern CPUs. It’s great on the AMD Jaguar chip
in the PS4 and Xbox One, which is a platform most compressors struggle on. Kraken achieves its
amazing performance from new ideas on how to do LZ compression, and carefully optimized low level

Kraken is high compression

On real game data, Kraken gets way more compression than Zlib,
close to the best LZ compressors in the world (like Oodle LZNA).
The only compressors that can decode as fast as Kraken are things like LZ4
that get much less compression.

Kraken is ideal for data loading

To minimize load time, a data compressor must make the data small so that the disk IO is
quick, and it must also decompress the data quickly. The total time to load and then
decompress is the “sum” on this chart – only Kraken offers a big time reduction vs. just
loading uncompressed data raw.

Loading Kraken data is faster than loading uncompressed data, so there’s no need for an
installer. You can serve compressed data directly to clients.
And Kraken’s very low CPU use makes it great for in-game paging.

Oodle is more

Oodle offers a family of data compressors with different performance tradeoffs, so you can choose the
one that works best for your needs. Oodle runs on every game platform, and the data is the same on
every platform – compress your data once and be done with it. Oodle comes with a simple C API, and helpers
for parallel compression in your tools. Oodle also has a unique network packet technology.
See everything Oodle has to offer

Oodle gives you all the tools to load your game data right, cross-platform and ready to use out of the box. Save yourself the headache and let Oodle deal with it! Email us to get an evaluation SDK!

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