Intel Declares Independence From PC, Prioritizes Cloud, IoT and 5G Efforts

A week after announcing 12,000 job cuts, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich has shared vision for the company, hinting a shift in its prime focus away from PC business. In a blog post, Krzanich said that the company will be actively growing its data center business. The chip maker also plans to focus on chips and technologies for IoT devices. “The biggest opportunity in the Internet of Things is that it encompasses just about everything in our lives today– it’s ubiquitous,” Krzanich said. The company also plans to boost its memory chips business and make a push towards utilizing them in data centers and various cloud services. Intel said that it has made several investments in this field, noting the $16 billion acquisition of Altera last year. The company says it will be playing a big role in the move to 5G connectivity. “Connectivity is fundamental to every one of the cloud-to-thing segments we will drive,” he writes. Over the years, Intel has failed to keep up with Moore’s Law, an axiom that semiconductor density will double about every two years. The company previously extended the timeframe to 2.5 years, but Krzanich assures customers that the they are working to make further advances in order to meet the goal. “Moore’s Law is fundamentally a law of economics, and Intel will confidently continue to harness its value,” Krzanich said. PCWorld has extensively reported on this.

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