Programming note

Something interesting is working. 

Now when I post something to my blog, it will automatically be cross-posted to Facebook.

Not a link to a post, but the full text. However without any links or styles. Just the text. Not a bad place to start.

If you ask people who used to blog but now post on Facebook what it would take to get them to blog again, this is it. 

Looked at another way, I was giving up the ability for people to read my full posts on Facebook, in order to preserve the advantages of posting to the open web. I made a conscious decision early this year to stop manually cross-posting to Facebook. Hoping the pressure would build and force me to add the feature to my new blogging software. I find I have to play tricks on myself this way. But it worked. 

Now I’m going to live with this for a while. 

Here’s a list of places my posts flow: 

  1. My blog home page.
  2. Each post has its own permanent page.
  3. In my RSS feed.
  4. In my Instant Articles feed.
  5. Through my RSS feed to Medium.
  6. And to a Facebook post in my timeline. (New! Love this!!)

However, unless I post links to my stories to Facebook, you won’t see my IA posts there. Not sure what to do about that. For now I’m not going to worry.

One more thing — unlike the connection to Medium, the connection to Facebook will stay in sync. When I make a change on my blog, the changes flow through to Facebook. They have a nice API that way. 

However Medium has linking and style, and in their world stories have titles — Facebook posts have none of that. 

Still diggin!

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