Facebook and blogging?

This post originated on Facebook.

Maybe Facebook should hire me to turn [Facebook] into a rational blogging system. It has so many advantages, and it’s really not missing that many features.

I have a sense that there aren’t many bloggers working there, or they aren’t letting them influence the product.

Blogging would be a very constructive thing for FB to invest in, not just for the net, but for Facebook. More and more the quality of their product depends on good content flowing through the timeline. And there will be more competition over time.

I really believe a thriving uncontrolled net is essential for the silos to be successful. Put another way, I think the product [there] is suffering because the tech industry in general has not been kind to the open web.

If I helped Facebook do this, it would be with the condition that the path for users to switch to a different system must always be kept easy and bug-free. Always. That would be a promise that couldn’t be broken.

But seriously, why not have our posts have a dual existence — on the open web and within the Facebook social graph. That’s a lot easier than AI or self-driving cars!! We totally know how to do it.

It’s just a thought I had, when I posted something [there] after not doing so for a long time. The ability to interact with friends is important, but we’re not creating lasting value with the work we do here. That’s a simple problem that could easily be fixed.

So if anyone at Facebook is listening, let me know if this is interesting to you.

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