Blogless – An articles-only publishing system for web writers

The Blogless publishing system is for web writers. Just publish, share your texts with friends and don’t think about the rest.

A website with the main purpose of having people read content would best serve its readers with almost nothing else but what’s needed for the reading experience  — Leo Babauta

Blogless is some kind of anti-blog. No subscribers, no community stress, no excuses for not having written the follow-up article in your vacation time, just articles. You even can switch off the RSS feed, the sitemap or the pingback functionality, if you like. Blogless sets the focus back from the needs and mechanisms of a blog to the pure content of your articles.

Blogless generates static HTML pages and lets you manage them from a simple to handle online interface. New articles can be written and later changed again. All the pretty SEO stuff, like descriptions, the now useless keywords, author name and profile, Open Graph and Twitter meta infos and all that is included without beeing in the way — automagically. If you have a Question, just have a look in the FAQ or read more, if you are curious.

Facebook Support and Announcement Group

If you like you can ask questions and receive announcements about new versions of Blogless on Facebook.

Download from GitHub

Actually Blogless is in beta stage – what you can read here is it’s result, but the code is far from beeing perfect. Indeed, the initial release was written in just three days. Just put it in the root of you webserver and call it – manual included as index.html.

And now get it from GitHub, the Download ZIP link on the right sidebar.

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