Show HN: Station307 – Stream files between cURL, Wget and/or browser

No script?

No problem! You can use Station307 to send from your terminal and download files with the browser. If you are looking to send files from your browser you’ll need to enable JavaScript.

Station307 features

  • A free service!
  • No need to wait for your upload to finish, stream files directly
  • No size limit
  • Files are never stored on the server
  • Secure transportation of your data
  • File hosting ends when the browser tab is closed
  • Terminal friendly
  • Mobile friendly

Use Station307 to share files from your terminal


curl -T  -Lv 2>&1 | grep located-at


wget -S --post-file 2>&1 | grep located-at

cURL and Wget won’t stop by themselves – to stop hosting your file, simply press CTRL+C.

For more tricks with the terminal (like streaming log files!) have a look at the recipes.

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