Rspamd 1.2: new major release of the fast spam filtering engine

The next major release of rspamd: 1.2.0 is now released.

Key features:

  • Dynamic rules updates
  • Regular expressions maps support
  • Better performance: pcre2 support, faster fuzzy hashes, faster IP lookups
  • Improved stability: fixed many important bugs and memory leaks

This version is a gradual improvement over the previous 1.1 branch. It is the first release with rules updates support. I believe that it would be easier to backport new rules or critical scores changes from the experimental line to stable one. Rules updates are signed to protect integrity and authenticate the updates source.

Among other features introduces by this version are regular expressions maps support (with hyperscan acceleration if available). This sort of maps could be used to match many regular expressions at the same time to detect certain patterns in the messages being scanned.

Rspamd 1.2 has a couple of performance improvements: it now supports PCRE 2 regular expressions library that is usually faster than pcre 1. Fuzzy hashing gets further improvements by utilizing AVX2 instructions available from Intel Haswell CPU family. From 1.2 version, rspamd uses better algorithm to store IP addresses allowing to lookup among millions of IPv4 and IPv6 records in almost zero time.

The new release is scanned with Coverity scan and other static analysis tools that helped to fix many potential bugs and leaks. I believe that rspamd 1.2 is stable, solid and completely production ready so far.

The complete log of changes could be found here:

There are many important additions in the documentation shipped with rspamd. There is now frequently asked questions article that describes many aspects of practical rspamd using. The quick start guide has been also updated to improve new users’ experiences when installing and running rspamd.

Rmilter has been also upgraded to the version 1.7.5 that fixes important greylisting and clamav issues. Rmilter changelog is available here:

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