Anonymous serious about stopping Donald Trump’s ‘Fourth Reich’, shares his cellphone number and more


Anonymous recently declared total war on Donald Trump (again), and is encouraging people to join in the fight against the Republican front-runner it compares to Hitler.

#OpWhiteRose is a new operation named after the White Rose Society. This non-violent group was originally set up in Nazi Germany to actively oppose Adolf Hitler, but has now been resurrected to combat the “menace” of Trump and his “new era of Brownshirt terrorists”.

Anonymous is advising people to “seek out a White Rose Society chapter in your city, or form one yourself” and “take action”.

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The hacktivist collective has also shared some of Trump’s personal information via Pastebin, including his social security number, cell phone number and other details that Anonymous says might aid those opposed to Trump in independently investigating this “would-be dictator”.

Anonymous stops short of suggesting ways these details might be used, claiming that it is only providing them for “informational purposes” and that “you alone are responsible for your actions, as always”.

The group has certainly stepped up its activity in this past week, but it remains to be seen what, if anything, it can do to derail the seemingly unstoppable Trump campaign.

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