The Linux Foundation announces free ‘Intro to Cloud Infrastructure Technologies’ edX course


One of the most important things any human can do is learn. Keeping your mind sharp and active is very healthy. While formal education, such as college, is a great investment in yourself, it is understandably too expensive for many. While I cherish my degree, I don’t love my monthly student loan payment.

Luckily for current learners, massive open online courses are becoming increasingly popular. While these MOOCs may not carry the same panache as a university diploma, they can enable you to learn new things for free. Today, the Linux Foundation announces the totally free ‘Intro to Cloud Infrastructure Technologies’ course. This will be offered through the reputable

“Understanding cloud technologies tops the list of most important skills for any developer, sysadmin or emerging DevOps professional. LFS151, an Introduction to Cloud Infrastructure Technologies, will provide a primer on cloud computing and the use of open source software to maximize development and operations. It will cover next-generation cloud technologies like Docker, CoreOS, Kubernetes and OpenStack; it will provide an overview of software-defined storage and networking solutions; and a review of DevOps and continuous integration best practices”, says The Linux Foundation.

Anant Agarwal, edX CEO and MIT Professor explains, “The Linux Foundation’s Intro to Linux is among our most popular courses of all time. It’s clear Linux and open source software are key to a fruitful future in tech. As we see with edX itself, cloud technologies have become a part of daily life. We’re excited to see learners from around the world take advantage of this unique educational opportunity”.

While the course is totally free, you can upgrade to a verified certificate for $99. This is not necessary, but can look better if you intend to put the course on a resume or linkedin. Speaking of the latter, edX even offers a way to easily import a verified certificate into your LinkedIn profile.

Even though the course is free, the instructors — Chip Childers and Neependra Khare — are actually very impressive people. Childers is a current member of The Apache Software Foundation and is a Cloud Foundry Foundation VP. Khare is an expert on Docker, having written the book ‘Docker Cookbook’.

If you are ready to sign up for this free course, you can do so here. Will you take advantage? Tell me in the comments.

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