V8 Release 5.0 (upcoming)

The first step in the V8 release process is a new branch from the git master immediately before Chromium branches for a Chrome Beta milestone (roughly every six weeks). Our newest release branch is V8 5.0, which will remain in beta until we release a stable build in conjunction with Chrome 50 Stable. Here’s a highlight of the new developer-facing features in this version of V8.

Note: The version number 5.0 does not carry semantic significance or mark a major release (as opposed to a minor release).

Improved ECMAScript 2015 (ES6) support

V8 5.0 contains a number of ES2015 features related to regular expression (regex) matching.

RegExp Unicode flag

The RegExp Unicode flag, u, switches on a new Unicode mode for regular expression matching. The Unicode flag treats patterns and regex strings as a series of Unicode codepoints. It also exposes new syntax for Unicode codepoint escapes.


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