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Enabling efficient collaboration on projects is key to success in business and there are many platforms to enable it. But it can sometimes be hard to fully understand what’s happening inside a particular task.

One of the leading collaboration platforms, Smartsheet is addressing this by launching Sights, a new product that delivers visibility into the work being done within Smartsheet environments.

By putting important information in front of the right audiences at the right times, Sights aims to deliver positive business impact by enhancing organizational speed and performance. Its ease of use and flexibility enables users to configure the product themselves, and gives teams the ability to customize how they visualize and derive insight from their work.

“Sights is a game-changer for our customers, giving them the power to amplify the value of the important work they’re doing on our platform,” says Mark Mader, president and CEO of Smartsheet. “The valuable insights they derive from Sights go well beyond a surface-level look at productivity — they enable individuals and teams to work smarter and make smarter decisions, driving enhanced organizational speed and performance”.

Features of Sights include a drag and drop layout that makes it simple for any Smartsheet user to create a Sight by selecting widgets and dragging them into position. Sight widgets display data sources in visual styles including metrics, rich text, lists, grids and more. The look can be customized too using colors, fonts, sizing and text.

Sights can include any information held in Smartsheet plus links to information outside the package, so it can deliver a complete view of projects and processes. Sharing permissions can be set specific to each Sight so only the right set of viewers see it, and only people with administrative rights can change it.

More information on Sights is available on the Smartsheet website.

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