Linux Kernel 4.5 Officially Released

prisoninmate writes: Yes, you’re reading it right, after being in development for the past two months, Linux kernel 4.5 is finally here in its final production version. It is internally dubbed “Blurry Fish Butt” and received a total of seven RC builds since January 25, 2016. Prominent features of Linux kernel 4.5 include the implementation of initial support for the AMD PowerPlay power management technology, bringing high performance to the AMDGPU open-source driver for Radeon GPUs, scalability improvements in the free space handling of the Btrfs file system, and better epoll multithreaded scalability. The sources are now available for download from

Update: 03/14 13:24 GMT by T : Reader diegocg lists some other notable features (A new copy_file_range() system call that allows to make copies of files without transferring data through userspace; support GCC’s Undefined Behavior Sanitizer (-fsanitize=undefined); Forwarded Error Correction support in the device-mapper’s verity target; support for the MADV_FREE flag in madvise(); the new cgroup unified hierarchy is considered stable; scalability improvements for SO_REUSEPORT UDP sockets; scalability improvements for epoll, and better memory accounting of sockets in the memory controller), and links to an explanation of the changes at Kernel Newbies.

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