What’s new on Drupal.org? – February 2016

Read our Roadmap to understand how this work falls into priorities set by the Drupal Association with direction and collaboration from the Board and community.

Drupal.org updates

Drupal 6 is now end of life


As of February 24, 2016, Drupal 6 is at end of life (EOL). To support the end of life process for this version of Drupal, Association staff are ensuring that users are prompted to update to the final version of Drupal 6, and that site owners are made aware of the implications of EOL. Because the community at large no longer supports Drupal 6, site owners are encouraged to move to Drupal 7 or 8, or to work with one of the Drupal 6 Long Term Support vendors.

Our board’s director at-large election


In February, self-nominations opened for a single director at-large position on the Association board. This is one of two such seats on the board that are decided by community election.

Now that nominations have closed, you can review candidate profiles and watch the Meet the Candidate webinars. Voting will run from March 7-18, and will be promoted to all eligible voters with a banner on Drupal.org.

Composer support for Drupal

Logo: WizardCat.com

In February, we continued the community initiative to support Composer on Drupal.org. Over the last several months, we’ve been working closely with members of the community, as well as with the maintainer of Composer and Packagist.org.

Drupal.org will provide two Composer endpoints: one for Drupal 7 projects, and one for Drupal 8. These separate endpoints will allow Drupal.org to translate Drupal-style contrib version numbers into the true semantic versioning that Composer expects. This will also help support a transparent movement to a more semantic versioning for contrib projects on Drupal.org.

We hope to provide a beta of this Drupal.org Composer support in March.

Manage your Drupal.org notifications

In January, we updated Drupal.org to allow users to follow many more content types, including Forum Topics, Posts, Case Studies, and documentation Book Pages. However, now that users are able to receive email notification for activity on a wide variety of content on Drupal.org, we also needed to provide some better tools for managing those notifications.

Follow notifications UI

A new tab now appears on every user’s profile called “Notifications,” which allows the user to configure, per content type, whether they want to receive email notifications when following that content, or simply add it to the their tracker (the “Your Posts” part of the Dashboard).

More insight into organization contributions

For some time now, the Drupal.org Marketplace has displayed recent issue credits attributed to the organizations that provide Drupal services to our ecosystem. However, there’s been no way to see the contributions attributed to non-service providers (that is, organizations that don’t sell Drupal services).

Until now. The drupal.org/organizations view now shows all organizations ranked by attributed issue credits, whether they’re a Drupal service provider, a customer, or even a community organization like a DrupalCamp. To promote this greater visbility, we’ve also highlighted the top 10 contributing customers of Drupal. We hope to continue to improve the many ways we track and display user and organization contributions, and would love your feedback.

Content restructure: Documentation

In 2015, we did a tremendous amount of work developing a comprehensive content strategy for Drupal.org. In 2016, we’re making great strides in implementing that strategy through a content restructure. The main idea behind the content restructure is the reorganization of our content into sections that can each have their own maintainership, governance, and related content.

Perhaps the most critical new section is Documentation. The new Documentation section will bring easier navigation, maintainership of documentation guides, better related content, and more relevant metadata to documentation on Drupal.org. We’re doing usability testing of our prototype of this new section now.

Sustaining support and maintenance

DrupalCon Asia: A landmark moment

DrupalCon Asia logo

February was also the time for DrupalCon Asia—at last! The event held at IITB in Mumbai hosted over 1,000 attendees, 82% of whom were first-time DrupalCon attendees. With Association staff both in Mumbai and providing remote support it was an incredibly challenging, colorful, rewarding, and enlightening event.

We’re proud to have brought the Asian community the DrupalCon they deserved. As the second largest region of users on Drupal.org, behind only the United States, we expect tremendous things from this vibrant community.

Jobs.drupal.org—tweeting the best opportunities in Drupal

Fostering and promoting the Drupal ecosystem is an important part of the Association’s mission. Drupal powers the best of the web, from single-installation to large-scale enterprise sites. Drupal Jobs provides companies a way to find the best Drupal talent, and provides Drupal developers a way to find open source-friendly careers. We recently updated jobs.drupal.org so that new positions are tweeted from the @jobsindrupal handle.

DrupalCI: troubleshooting a PHP 5.6 garbage collection bug

DrupalCI Logo

Our infrastructure team investigated a random failure in Core branch tests that happened when testing against PHP 5.6. Whenever a random failure like this appears on our testing infrastructure, it’s important for us to track down the cause. Is it a problem in testbot configuration, an unusual kind of regression introduced in code or in the test itself, or a bug in an underlying part of the stack, like PHP itself? For now, we believe the issue is related to PHP garbage collection, and we’re trying to reproduce it so that we can open a bug for PHP.

Upgrading Drupal.org servers to PHP 5.4

PHP 5.3 limitations may have caused some recent instability (like the outages on the weekend of February 14). Because of this instability, we <a href="https://www.drupal.org/node/2670036
%0A” rel=”noreferrer” target=”_blank”>upgraded our production and pre-production servers to PHP 5.4. We’d previously held off on this upgrade due to two sub-sites: qa.drupal.org (QA) and groups.drupal.org (GDO). However, we used this opportunity to statically archive QA (now that it is superseded by DrupalCI), and to upgrade outdated parts of GDO to work with PHP 5.4.


As always, we’d like to say thanks to all the volunteers who work with us, and to the Drupal Association Supporters, who made it possible for us to work on these projects.

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