MDWriter: A markdown desktop editor with steroids powered by the web.

A markdown desktop editor with steroids powered by the web.



  • Save to Markdown
  • Export to HTML and PDF
  • Syntax Highlighting
  • Editor and highlighting themes and font size changer
  • Outlook, Gmail and Yahoo support
  • Blogger support (experimental)
  • Word counter
  • Markdown syntax helper and shortcuts
  • And a nice UI 😀

Getting Started

Clone from source

$ git clone
$ cd MDWriter/

Install Dependencies

  1. Install npm dependencies
    $ npm install
  2. Install Bower dependencies
    $ bower install
  3. Build Highlight.js Bower package (/app/assets/components/highlight.js) as seen in the documentation
    node tools/build.js :common


Testing in browser

  • For testing in browser you need to change {app: ‘firefox-aurora’} in gulpfile.js for your browser order.
  • run gulp browser in the terminal

Testing with NW

  • run gulp test in terminal


  • Actually you can build this proyect for GNU/Linux, OSX and Windows only in x64, but if you want to make a build for x86, you can add this in gulpfile.js in this line
    platforms: ['linux64', 'osx64', 'win64'],


  • Actually jsPDF is unstable, is necessary to find a module that does the same function or create a module from scratch for HTML5 to PDF.
  • Some bugs in the word counter must be solved.
  • In file name is necessary to clean the name -> /foo/ to bar.
  • Change font size in live.
  • Support for Blogger, Tumblr and WordPress (maybe Ghost).
  • Print support?.
  • Optimize the code
  • Create a task for minification.
  • Delete all bower dependencies and use only node package?

How to Contribute?

If you want to contribute to this project, create a issue with “request to contribute” as a title and a brief description of what do you want to do, so I will add you as a colaborator.


Check LICENSE for information.


If this project was useful for you, you can donate some BTC -> 19bAJaFzHRTYPW5SrbzzfPbZ5jLAEotCVa

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