IBM unveils new mainframe for secure hybrid clouds

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More and more organizations are seeing the benefits of adopting the hybrid cloud, but they don’t want to risk sacrificing the security advantages of more traditional systems.

To help businesses tap into hybrid cloud without sacrificing security, IBM is announcing a new mainframe, the z13s. Building on the mainframe’s world-class performance and security profile, the z13s features new embedded security technologies, enhanced data encryption and tighter integrations with IBM Security solutions.

The z13s provides the foundation for a more secure, end-to-end hybrid cloud environment, allowing organizations to protect their most sensitive data without sacrificing performance. Features include a new cryptographic co-processor and hardware-accelerated cryptographic coprocessor cards provide encryption up to two times faster, so users can increase workload security without compromising throughput and response time.

The new z13s has up to 4TB of memory (eight times more than previous single-frame mainframes) along with faster processing speeds and sophisticated analytic capabilities. IBM Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) for z/OS has been integrated into the operating system, adding to overall security by requiring users to enter a second form of identification, such as a PIN or randomly generated token, to gain access to the system.

It also has IBM’s Security Identity Governance and Intelligence software which helps prevent data loss by governing and auditing device access. Integrated into the mainframe, QRadar and Identity Governance use real-time alerts to focus on identified critical security threats, while Security Guardium uses analytics to help ensure data integrity by providing intelligent data monitoring.

“Fast and secure transaction processing is core to the IBM mainframe, helping clients grow their digital business in a hybrid cloud environment,” says Tom Rosamilia, senior vice president, IBM Systems. “With the new IBM z13s, clients no longer have to choose between security and performance. This speed of secure transactions, coupled with new analytics technology helping to detect malicious activity and integrated IBM Security offerings, will help mid-sized clients grow their organization with peace of mind”.

New z13s systems will be available from next month and you can find out more about IBM’s z Systems portfolio on the company’s website.

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