The Internet Archive now lets you run over 1,000 Windows 3.1 programs in your browser


Windows 3.1 was the first version of Windows I ever used. The Internet Archive, which has over the past couple of years made it possible to play classic DOS games and console games in your browser, has just added over 1,000 Windows 3.1 programs to its catalog.

These include games, utilities and business software, and each can be run in your browser just by clicking on them.

Obviously, with over 1,000 titles to choose from, you’re going to be struggling to find the really good ones to try without a bit of help, but fortunately the Internet Archive has curated some of the best here.

Highlights of the Windows 3.x Showcase include a Windows 95 demo (something to look forward to!), Merlin: The Quest for the Wand, Election 92, Windows Adventure (a GUI edition of the classic Crowther and Woods’ game), Taipei, and WinTrek.

If you prefer, you can browse the complete software library here.

Did you use Windows 3.1? If so what programs and games do you remember from “back in the day”?



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