OneOps – Open-source cloud ops platform from Walmart

Four years ago, the Walmart Global eCommerce system was a monolithic
application, deployed once every 2 months. This represented an unsustainable
rate of innovation given the competitive climate. Walmart recognized
the need to fundamentally transform technology delivery to compete in the Digital

@WalmartLabs was founded in an effort to re-invent how products are designed and
delivered within the eCommerce division. A project code named Pangaea paved the
way. Walmart’s eCommerce site was re-built following a service oriented
architecture, while adopting a DevOps culture, and migrating to cloud based
infrastructure. Knowing that providing developers cloud infrastructure alone
only reveals the next layer of friction, managing application lifecycle, OneOps
was acquired early in 2013 and has been under active internal development since.

Today the Walmart eCommerce platform is hosted in some of the largest OpenStack
clouds and is managed exclusively via OneOps. On a typical day there are now over
1,000 deployments, executed on-demand by development teams, each taking only minutes
on average to complete.

The three necessary ingredients for success were:

  • A service oriented architecture for the site, without which the
    complexities of coordinating integration of the monolithic release
    dominated the schedule.
  • Localized and empowered ownership of and accountability for each service
    through building a DevOps culture.
  • Access to infrastructure at the fingertips of the developers, what they
    needed, when they needed it. This was accomplished through OneOps application
    lifecycle management backed by cloud infrastructure, enabling teams to focus on
    the most valuable aspect of their job – the code.

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