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Intel unveils 8 new Broadwell and Skylake processors

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US chip maker Intel has recently announced eight new processors, as it expands its Broadwell and Skylake families. The chips will be available for both desktop and mobile CPUs, the company added.

The new processors announced today include the Celeron 3855U, Celeron 3955U, Core i3-6098P, Core i5-6402P, Core i5-5200DU, Core i5-6198DU, Core i5-5500DU, and the Core i7-6498DU. Out of these, the two new desktop CPUs are the Core i3-6098P and the Core i5-6402P. Like previous processors with a “P” prefix, it is likely that these processors do not come with an integrated GPU. They have been priced at $117 (£79) and $182 (£122), respectively.

The four new mobile CPUs — Core i5-5200DU, Core i5-6198DU, Core i7-5500DU, and the Core i7-6498DU are dual-core SKUs with four threads. The D in the name is still a mystery.

According to CPU World, the Celeron 3855U and 3955U are both ULV dual-core processors and come with an integrated Intel HD 510 graphics and 2MB of L3 cache.

The company announced new processors the same day it announced the completion of the acquisition of Altera. According to the company’s press release, the acquisition will enable new classes of products in the IoT and datacenter businesses.

“Altera is now part of Intel, and together we will make the next generation of semiconductors not only better but able to do more”, said Brian Krzanich, Intel CEO. “We will apply Moore’s Law to grow today’s FPGA business, and we’ll invent new products that make amazing experiences of the future possible — experiences like autonomous driving and machine learning”.

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