FreedomBox 0.7 released

December 19, 2015

I’m pleased to announce that FreedomBox 0.7 has been released! This
release comes 7 weeks after the previous release (0.6).

FreedomBox version 0.7 is available here:

Before using, you should verify the image’s signature. See for further instructions.

Thanks to all who helped to put this release together.

More information on this release is available on the wiki:

Major FreedomBox 0.7 Changes:

  • Translations! Full translations of the interface in Danish, Dutch,
    French, German and Norwegian Bokmål, and partial Telugu.
  • Support for OLinuXino A20 MICRO and LIME2
  • New Plinth applications: OpenVPN, reStore (currently disabled in
    Plinth config, until Debian package is uploaded)
  • Improved first-boot experience
  • Many bugfixes and cleanups

Known Bugs:

  • When Transmission page is accessed after install, it will show “403:
    Forbidden”. Here is a workaround for this issue:

  • Log into your FreedomBox using the console or SSH.

  • Edit the Transmission configuration:
    $ sudo vi /etc/transmission-daemon/settings.json
    Change “rpc-whitelist-enabled” to false. Save and quit.

  • Reload the Transmission server.
    $ sudo invoke-rc.d transmission-daemon reload
    Important: Make sure you reload instead of restart* the service.
    Otherwise your changes to the configuration will get overwritten.

  • Access the Transmission page at https://freedombox.local/transmission
    or similar.

Please feel free to join us to discuss this release on the mailing list,
IRC, or on the monthly progress calls:

  • List:

  • IRC: irc://

  • Calls:

Original URL:

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