Re-thinking the 1999 blog in 2015

My next project is to do a model story page.

(The page you’re reading right now is a story page.)

I always rush through this part quickly, and I did this time too. There are too many other fires to put out to focus too much on what a story page looks like and what it does.

This time around the story page is going to have new features that harken back to Manila, but with the benefit of knowing how the blogging market shaped up.

Tumblr, WordPress, Twitter and Facebook of course didn’t exist when we did Manila, but they do now.

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This is a test

If you’re seeing this in an RSS reader or on Medium, please click this link if you want to help me test my new CMS. 

  1. Click the menu in the upper right corner, sign on via Twitter, the last command.
  2. Choose Reply from the popup menu in the byline of the post, A little box should open up below the text. 
  3. Type something like Hello World in that box and press Return.
  4. Then you should see the text on the page with your name above it.
  5. If you click on the text you should be able to edit it. Press Return to save changes. 
  6. If you like it, click the Thumb-up icon to like it. (You know how that works.)

If it blew up on you somewhere in all that, please accept my apologies!

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