Goo.js WebGL Engine goes open-source

Goo Engine is an open-source 3D engine using HTML5 and WebGL for rendering.

Project examples

See more showcases

How to build

npm install
npm install -g grunt-cli
grunt minify



Goo Create Platform

Goo Create is a complete 3D authoring platform built on top of the Goo Engine.

How to run unit tests and visual tests

Start a web server, e.g. using:

npm install st -g
st --port 8000

And then open:

  • Unit tests: http://localhost:8000/test/test.html
  • Visual tests: http://localhost:8000/visual-test/

Style checks

To make sure that no incorrectly styled content appears, install the pre-commit hook:

grunt init-git

This makes Git check whether all added and modified files pass the style check before allowing a commit.

JS Doc

grunt jsdoc – outputs to out-doc

GooJS uses a custom documentation compiler, modoc; see tools/modoc/ for more details.

Building details

  • Minified and mangled: grunt minify
  • Minified: grunt minify-no-mangle
  • Concatenated: grunt minify-dev


The Goo Engine is released under the MIT license.

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