Redux Blog Example

Full-featured example of publishing platform built with
React Router,
Babel and

Some features:



npm run build # build assets and server
npm start # start the server

Open http://localhost:3000/ in the browser.


npm run dev # start development server with hot reloading

It will automatically open your default browser with project loaded.

Note: You will notice some latency between the moment it open the browser and really load the page. It’s okay.

You can

while unauthorized

  • View list of published posts
  • View single post
  • Log in with hardcoded credentials
  • Be redirected from protected routes

while authorized

  • view /dashboard with unpublished posts
  • edit and unpublish any post
  • edit your firstname and lastname in /profile

How it works

All data stored in API implemented with jsonServer. There’re pre-populated users and posts entities. This implementation is example-only and you can easily drop-in your own backend solution. We aim just to show the direction.


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