Awesome D3

This list keeps track of interesting D3js libraries, plugins and utilities.

We decided not to list tutorials, ressources or concepts here, because there is already a very good list of readings out there you can check out and contribute to.

Curators: Moritz Klack and Christopher Möller of


  • bullet chart – Bullet chart
  • cirrus.js – A multi-renderer charts library
  • cubism – Time Series Visualization
  • c3 – Reusable chart library
  • dc – For heavy amounts of data
  • dimple – An object-oriented API for business analytics
  • d3.chart – Framework for building reusable charts
  • d3pie – A configurable pie chart lib and generator
  • D3xter – Straight forward plotting
  • D4 – reusable charts DSL
  • epoch – A general purpose, real-time visualization library
  • firespray – Streaming charts
  • Gantt-Chart – Gantt chart library
  • metricsgraphics – Optimized for visualizing time-series data
  • micropolar – A polar chart library
  • nvd3 – Re-usable charts and chart components
  • plottablejs – Flexible, interactive charts for the web
  • pykcharts – Themeable, responsive, modular, real-time charts and 109+ maps
  • radar chart – Radar chart module
  • sankey – Plugin to create Sankey Diagrams
  • taucharts – Charts with a focus on design and flexibility
  • techanjs – A visual, stock charting and technical analysis
  • uvCharts – Supports lots of different chart types
  • vega – A visualization grammar
Third Party


Third Party
  • leaflet-d3 – Collection of plugins for using D3 with Leaflet
  • Wikimaps-D3js Atlas – Command line utility and D3js based library to generate raster, topojson and svg maps


  • d3-extended – Extends d3 with some common jQuery functions
  • d3-kit – A set of tools to speed D3 related project development
  • d3-plus – an extension to the D3 library that allows fast and easy creation of data visualizations
  • d3-helpers – Little utility functions
  • d3-tip – Tooltips helper
  • d3.slider – jquery UI inspired slider
  • jetpack – Nifty convenience wrappers that speed up your daily work
  • kodama – Tooltip Plugin
  • textures – SVG patterns for Data Visualization


  • dragit – A toolkit to enable the manipulation of data graphics
  • d3moji – First class emoji support
  • d3-cloud – Word clouds

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