Tell HN: Commercial VPN service now in open source

Hi folks!

Let me introduce myself.
I am CEO/CTO/CIO/etc of russian VPN service.

I couple years ago I got an idea to create my own startup – VPN service.
It was quite sudden idea, when a couple of friends asked me to give them access to my personal VPN server.
Of course I did not study the market, didn’t check how many such services are already exists. I’ve just started coding.
A little bit later I made working prototype and pushed it to production.

There were not so many expenses, only my free time and 20$/month for low-end vps.

A year and a half the project was in production. Lots of things changed meanwhile.
Internet in russia became very limited and censored.
I’m glad that I helped people to bypass stupid internet limitations in our country.
I’ve also experienced DDoS attacks twice, it is really exciting feeling, when you understand, that your service is real, and someone wants to get it down.

But the time is passing, my interests and priorities changed too. That is why I decided to shutdown my startup.
I don’t want to hide my sources on hard drive, so I’ve decided to make them opensource. Totally.
I published them on github with MIT license.
So anyone can fork it, use anyway you want. You can try yourself in this hard business.

This is not an ads, I just want to help someone, who may need my experience.
So I’ll be glad if my service will help anyone.

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