TeleRead eBook Site Sold Back to Founder David Rothman

David_Rothman_2TeleRead, the oldest Web site devoted to general-interest news and views on e-books and related topics, is again in the hands of its founder, David H. Rothman.

Philadelphia-based NAPCO Media, the seller, has decided to focus on its core brands, markets and growth areas such as events, e-learning and video services. The Rothman-NAPCO deal closed May 19.

“I am grateful to NAPCO for giving me a chance to preserve an important piece of Web and e-book history,” Rothman says. “TeleRead in one form or another goes back to the mid 1990s and has been a major voice on such issues as consumer e-book standards and the need for well-stocked national digital libraries. The much-appreciated Juli Monroe will still be editor-in-chief, and I’ll be publisher. All of four of our gifted writers will remain. At the same time, we’ll increase the number of posts, especially on nuts-and-bolts topics of core interest to our fellow e-book lovers.

“Plenty has changed since the sale of TeleRead in 2010 to NAPCO. E-reading apps and tablets and phones count more. Dedicated e-book readers aren’t as hot as before. The e-book industry is much bigger, thanks partly to the ePub standard that TeleRead championed early on. I’m especially pleased to see an explosion of interest in e-books for schools and libraries. We’ll be talking up such causes as the creation of national digital library endowments throughout the world, and e-books in developing countries. Plus, cell phone book clubs to help narrow the reading and digital divides.”

Rothman, who sold TeleRead to focus on his health and other writing-related projects, is also a veteran freelance writer. He has appeared in publications ranging from the Baltimore Sun and Washington Post to the Chronicle of Philanthropy, The Nation,, Library Journal, and an MIT Press/ASIS information science collection. Based in Alexandria, Virginia, he is the author of The Silicon Jungle (Ballantine Books) and six other books. He is also a cofounder of, devoted to library advocacy, as well as a former blogger for Publisher’s

“TeleRead dates back to the 1990s and was a real jewel in our crown, but our core strength is in business-to-business endeavors,” said NAPCO Media President Dave Leskusky, “so we have sold it back to the original owner, David H. Rothman of Alexandria, Virginia. This will enable us to devote
more resources to our core areas of expertise. We know the TeleRead audience will benefit from David being back at the helm.”

“I’ve got a head start with the wonderful staff NAPCO Media is passing on,” Rothman said. “Senior Writer Joanna Cabot and Contributing Writer Chris Meadows did fabulous work for TeleRead during my time there, and I look forward to more. And now TeleRead can also benefit from three talents from the NAPCO era–Editor-in-Chief Juli Monroe and Contributing Writers Paul St
John Mackintosh and Susan Lulgjuraj.”

Representing David Rothman in the transaction was Susan Chaires of Chaires and Associates in Washington, D.C. Terms of the sale were not disclosed.

About NAPCO Media
NAPCO Media is a leading B-to-B media company specializing in the creation and cross-channel distribution of exceptional content. We connect our customers to their target audience through integrated media programs, video services, marketing services, events and event management, custom content and eLearning. Our mission is to build community between our audience and
our clients. Our services are designed to deliver value and provoke actions that generate measurable results.

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Help with Healthcare Law from CALI

Interested in Health Law? CALI has a great 45 minute lesson entitled “Healthcare Law Research: An Introduction”.   This lesson is an introduction to health law with a concentration on health care law and is intended for use by upper level students interested in researching health law and policy. However, this lesson may be utilized by […]

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My website in a Dropbox

I wanted to mark a milestone. I finally have a web server running out of a Dropbox folder. I tried doing this with Apache a few years ago, but there was something about how Apache worked that drove Dropbox crazy. Or vice versa.

Now I have my own web server, written in JavaScript, built out of Node.js core packages. It’s really fast and reliable, and I pretty much know exactly what it’s doing. There was never a problem with Dropbox. We just read the files from the server. We update our own stats files, but that doesn’t seem to be too much for Dropbox to handle. (It is using up a lot of CPU cycles on the server, according to the Top command, so I’m thinking about turning Dropbox off when I’m not actively developing.)

Why it’s so cool — all my tools work with the filesystem. It’s even more widely supported than Git. And there’s no difference between the original content and the stuff that’s being served. If I want to edit one of the files in my website, I just open it in an editor, make the changes and save. It’s like having the server on my machine, without actually having the server on my machine.

The server is called PagePark. Of all my latest tools, it’s my favorite. I love tweaking it, adding little shortcuts. Things that make it work really well for the kind of content I serve.

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Emulator Now Runs x86 Apps On All Raspberry Pi Models

DeviceGuru writes: Russia-based Eltechs announced its ExaGear Desktop virtual machine last August, enabling Linux/ARMv7 SBCs and mini-PCs to run x86 software. That meant that users of the quad-core, Cortex-A7-based Raspberry Pi 2 Model B, could use it as well, although the software was not yet optimized for it. Now Eltechs has extended extended ExaGear to support earlier ARMv6 versions of the Raspberry Pi. The company also optimized the emulator for the Pi 2 allowing, for example, Pi 2 users to use automatically forwarding startup scripts.

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