Amiga oriented alternative OS MorphOS 3.8 for PowerPC released

The following is a (probably incomplete) list of changes made between the 3.7 and 3.8 release of MorphOS to the ROM (boot.img) based components.

Following is a (probably incomplete) list of changes made to the disk based components of MorphOS. While not mentioned for every component translations were updated for most of them. Also various cosmetic fixes were applied here and there.


  • Various new file type and updates (recognition.db)
  • Improved compatibility with filesystems lacking a “DLT_DEVICE” flag (e.g.
  • Improved error handling in the Reggae subsystem.
  • Fixed capacity display issues with large volumes (> 2^32 blocks)
  • Increased internal buffer sizes for better performance with SmbFS uploads.
  • Fixed issues with DefIcons in classic icon formats not displaying their
    alternative image.
  • Various bug fixes in Find´s text search functionality.
  • Fixes for keyboard qualifier handling.
  • Other improvements.


  • Fixed creation of temporary path.
  • Added support for >2 TiB volumes.

Applications/LCD Monitor Test


  • Updated to OpenSSL 1.0.1m.
  • Force TLS v1.x+ if ENV variable “OWB_CURL_FORCE_SSLv3” is not set.


  • Updated to OpenSSL 1.0.1m.


  • Fixed plugin handling.
  • Added zoom support.
  • Improved user interface.
  • Multilevel undo support


  • Scribble can now print! Extensive support for TurboPrint output (no PS for
    now) Includes a fancy requester with preview.
  • Extended the ARexx interface extensively. Can now be used to control most
    things in Scribble, both related to editor objects (Scintilla) and general
    application actions
  • Added a Lua Lua->ARexx translator module which is broadly compatible with
    the SciTE Scripting Extension (
    with the exception of callback events which are a bit tricky to implement
    over the ARexx port.
  • Added an automatic Lua macro recorder
  • Added a number of Lua example scripts.
  • Added a TEX exporter and modified it to use styling of the editor window
    as opposed to properties/settings.
  • Added simple ramdebug catching which can be enabled in settings. no bells
    and whistles but it should work.
  • Enabled LaTex lexing and color highlighting. No support for plain TeX
    files at the moment
  • Output panel now has separate tabs for different output types
  • Added a mini-toolbar for the output panel which allows clearing and saving
    the contents.
  • Added ‘Copy to Find Gadget…’ and ‘Copy to Replace Gadget…’
  • Added ‘range operations’ for old-school text selection, copy&paste etc.
  • Backup functionality with optional location + pattern.
  • Menu events can now be bound to almost any keyboard combination. Only the
    normal command-key ones render in the menus but others work as well. This
    unfortunately breaks existing scibble.keys, so delete it or reset the menu
    page in settings and press save
  • Added an ‘Esc Conversion’ mode to the find class. It is now possible to
    search & replace
    and (any other codes that should be translated
    as well?)
  • Now possible to change EOL mode (LF is default as before)
  • Optionally convert all EOLs at file open/save
  • Requester shows result of search&replace
  • Complete rewrite of the tabbed splitview functionality. Now the splitview
    has tabs which mirror those in the main view. This allows picking the file
    to display in the split.
  • Status bar now shows the filename for the currently active view, which can
    also be the splitview
  • Rearranged the settings window into an additional tab.
  • Treat obj-c files as c/c++ (select the c lexer)
  • Saved some space in the find&replace toolbar
  • Fixed a bug related to Open Recent menu.
  • Introduce some delay for filesystem notifications on changes in files that
    are currently being edited.
  • Fixed a potentially dangerous situation with menu items lacking a keyboard
  • Overload MUI´s MUIM_String_DoIncrementDec and MUIM_String_DoDecrementDec
    to avoid very funny effects when user presses menu shortcuts.
  • Fixed Open/Save requesters opening on wrong screen and not refreshing the
    application in oldlayers simple-refresh mode.
  • Brace-matching now works properly in the splitview
  • Don´t change react on focus change during CloseRequest operation. Fixes a
    potential crash at program exit
  • Fixed the non-working case of settings->editor->dwellperiod being set to
  • Now possible to set colors for text selection in output panel
  • A bit safer code to execute a project binary. also protected by ” to run
    from RAM:
  • TTEngine mode always sets Scintilla to UTF8 mode behind the scenes


  • Added optional saving of DPI information for JPEGs


  • GUI layout fixes in all plugins
  • Curves plugin [NEW]
  • Fixed query.library support for all plugins
  • unused debug information removed
  • Fixed bug, switching draw functions while using RMB
  • Fixed image rotation by using custom angle
  • Fixed application crash while playing with text tool
  • Fixed opacity change while changing background color
  • Fixed keyboard shortcut menu handling


  • Rewritten keyboard handling routines
  • Fixed wrong SocketBase usage
  • Fixed crashes in clipboard handling code
  • Reduced input lag with high CPU use situations

Applications/SynergyServer [NEW]

The new MorphOS Synergy Server allows you to control mouse and keyboard of
other computers in your local network running a recent Synergy application.


  • New UI graphics
  • Closing error window bug fixed
  • ‘Live Edit’ mode added
  • Single list mode added
  • Save server list option added
  • Fixed auto port change while switching between FTP/SFTP
  • Transfer guide fixed
  • Fixed rename function for local files
  • Toolbar changed
  • Fixed problem with comparing big files
  • Added automatic backup configuration file
  • Disable possibility of working on files when connection is busy
  • Fixed translation and about string
  • Fixed replacing files with read only attribute
  • Fixed manual refresh list function


  • Added PDF write support.
  • Fixes in printing support.
  • Added bitmap export.

Games/Minesweeper [NEW]

Minesweeper for MorphOS is a variant of a well-known single-player logic
puzzle game. Its goal is to clear a mine field without detonating any of the
hidden mines. This is done by removing tiles from the field under careful
observation of given numerical clues.



  • Fix possible memory leak when using SHIFT keyword.
  • Added support for multiple text chunks in clipboard.


  • Removed some redundant tabulator in the output.


  • Fixed to work with up to 2 TiB volumes.


  • Fixed return codes in case of any error or failure.


  • Added support for >2 TiB volumes.


  • Fixed error on systems where no device name could be obtained.
  • Fixed for NewStyle SCSI device unit numbers, now sees Symbios SCSI units
    beyond unit 7


  • Fixed a bug where SETTOOLTYPE command variant used to remove tooltypes
    did not check for ‘=’ delimiter or string termination.
  • Added support for >2 TiB volumes


  • Besides write protected ID_CDROM_ISO_DISK volumes, also make 100% full
    ID_LNFS_FFS_DISK volumes candidates for boot time language/keymap


  • Interactive mode added, which may be entered either immediately, or after
    executing a script.
  • Improved error reporting.
  • Fixed: ‘arg[0]’ item contains the full path to the executed script, not
    just the file name. Now it is consistent with Lua on other platforms.


  • FILEDATES=DATES switch – compares file modification time instead of
    version strings



  • Fixed a bogus variable dereference.


  • Fixed NONUM when used with LINES.
  • Fixed embedded version ID.


  • Fixed version and revision decoding for e5500 based cores.


  • Increase default max packet transfer size to 65534 since some NAS devices
    fail otherwise with the previous default of 65530
  • Added support for “PORT=NETBIOSSESSIONPORT/N/K” parameter to specify a
    custom port for the Samba NetBIOS session without depending on the
    system´s global service database
  • Added support for “NETBIOSNAMESERVICEPORT/N/K” parameter to specify a
    custom port for the NetBIOS Name Service without depending on the system´s
    global service database
  • Errors like “ERRnosuchshare” (67) are now decoded properly instead of just
    printing the related ID code
  • Proper fallback to short names if there is no way to get the full filename
  • Fixed some runtime memory loss in fileinfo query functions
  • DiskInfo for shares larger than 2 TiB is calculated properly now
  • Internal modifications to speedup writing of large files in some special
  • Updated documentation


  • Fix clamping for background.


  • Fixed return value for DTA_Methods after initial object is disposed
  • Properly update actual count when no more data is available for mono


  • Fixed return value for DTA_Methods after initial object is disposed
  • Fixed mono sample codepath for CMP_EXPDELTA if less than requested bytes
    are returned
  • Properly update actual count when no more data is available


  • Fixed return value for DTA_Methods after initial object is disposed


  • When checking for commands, check for delimiter or string termination,


  • Fixed lack of transparency


  • Fixed return value for DTA_Methods after initial object is disposed


  • Fixed return value for DTA_Methods after initial object is disposed


  • Align internal buffers to avoid problems on Sam460ex.


  • Updated system detection for newly supported machines like Sam460.
  • Separated old “Support” page into new “Support” and “Community” pages.
  • Added information about the official MorphOS mailing list.


  • Fixed SaveToFile not to save random memory in some circumstances


  • Attribute “MUIA_Rawimage_Data” is now gettable.


  • Updated to Scintilla 3.50.
  • Scintilla can now be be almost fully controlled by ARexx commands using
    SCIM_RexxCommand. This does not mean that that the class has an ARexx
    port, which would make little sense.
  • Avoids swallowing keyboard events that are not handled by Scintilla
  • Fixed a potential crash related to rectangular clipboards
  • Fixed an issue with macro notifications coming back without null-
  • Added support for SCI_FORMATRANGE on custom rastports. Allows printer
    support in applications.
  • Added API documentation in (distributed in SDK)


  • New metadata types for EXIF
  • New object auto-connecting mode


  • Propagate error from stream buffer process to calling process.
  • Shorter code for error handling.


  • EXIF metadata parsing
  • Added ICC support.

MorphOS/Classes/Multimedia/tiff.decoder [NEW]

TIFF decoder class.


  • Added query.library support.


  • Added query.library support.
  • Various fixes

MorphOS/Classes/Multimedia/tiff.demuxer [NEW]

TIFF demuxer class.


  • Compression mode handling


  • Added DPI saving support.



  • Compression mode handling


  • Use IEC binary prefixes for display.


  • Fixed for NewStyle SCSI device unit numbers, now sees Symbios SCSI units
    beyond unit 7


  • Update max capacity on the go
  • Fixed a zeropage hit when a low battery trigger happened on init phase


  • Fixed potential datablock and wall hit


  • Added default settings for Sam460 systems
  • Use IEC binary prefixes for display


  • Added support for “USB 2.0 10/100M Ethernet Adaptor” (0x0fe6, 0x9700)


  • Initialize newer PL2303 devices correctly


  • Improved BestAudioIDA and Null mode selection


  • Disabled unconditional debug.


  • Make behaviour of HeadPhone mute/detect GPIOs manually adjustable via INVHPMUTEGPIO and INVHPDETECTGPIO switches, required
    for some “PowerMac3,x” models to unmute audio

MorphOS/Devs/Audiomodes/SM502 [NEW]

Sound driver for the Sam460.

MorphOS/Devs/Audiomodes/Void [NEW]

A void (no sound) audio driver for benchmarking and debugging purposes.


  • Fixed wrong mapping of Alt+Q in the Polish keymap.
  • Fixed issues with missing backslash and slash in the Russian keymap.
  • Fixed missing Caps Lock states in the Russian keymap.


  • Added support for the X1000 series of Radeon graphics cards.
  • Added AtomBIOS support.
  • The AGP overlay code has been reworked to be faster and more reliable and
    is now enabled for all (real) AGP-based machines, resulting in faster
    video playback.
  • X800/FireGL X3 cards can now correctly display Full HD overlays.
  • Fixed some timing issues in legacy DDC/EDID reading code
  • added framebuffer only (no hardware 2D/3D acceleration) support for some
    HD2xxx/HD3xxx/HD4xxx/HD5xxx/HD6xxx series Radeon graphics cards
  • fixed DMA enhanced 2D graphics acceleration for non Apple machines that
    support it
  • Fixed Single/Dual Channel DVI link toggling on some R300/R400 cards which
    support DualLinkDVI
  • Fixed some issues related to 2D/3D acceleration context switching
  • Allow up to 3840 pixel wide screens on R400 GPUs and above to support 4K
    display resolutions
  • Added textured video overlay support for X1000 series cards as they don´t
    support full featured hardware video overlay


MorphOS/Devs/Monitors/SM502 [NEW]

Basic SM502 graphics display driver for the Sam460 onboard multimedia

MorphOS/Devs/Networks/PPC4xx [NEW]

Network driver for the Sam460 onboard Ethernet controller.


  • fixes related to multicast address handling and hashing

MorphOS/Devs/Scanners/Epson_2.device [NEW]

Driver for Epson scanners.


  • added support for softlinks
  • added support for creating hard links to files
  • added limited, read-only support for some Ext4 features
  • added new prefs parameters: NOREQ (disables requesters about mounting
    volume in read-only mode, default on) and MEDIADIR (defines additional
    volume and path that is a common prefix in absolute symlinks)
  • ACTION_SET_PROTECT no longer sets file date to current date
  • added support for reading and setting ‘group’ and ‘other’ file protection


  • Fixed codec assignment for “PowerMac3,4”


  • Fixed version and revision decoding for e5500 based cores


  • Enabled bitmap font scaling for font sizes which are unavailable according
    to V36 diskfont API


  • Breaking filesystem with Ctrl-C works again.
  • SameLock() issue with networked filesystems fixed.
  • Missing break; in DoSimplePacket() fixed.
  • Added (private) packets to notify on exit of filesystem.
  • Version bumped to 4.8


  • Updated to Fontconfig 2.11.93
  • No longer call the hook when in scanning-only mode to mimic the original
    fontconfig scanning behavior
  • FcGetDefaultLangs() call is now cached for better performance.


  • Fixed a hit when FTP_Quit command was called without connection


  • Now supports custom comparer functions


  • Fixed bug in MatchToolValue() function


  • Added support for large files (>2 GiB)
  • Improved *nix compatibility layer for directory scanning: changed fake
    inode number for symlinks to 0xfffffffe to avoid clash with any inode
    number of the real file, what in turn confused utilities like tar
  • Various other bugfixes.


  • Fixed a load from offset -64 from a null pointer in


  • Fixed possible stack overflow caused by storing large internal structures
    on the stack. They are now dynamically allocated in the free memory.


  • Fixed io.write() to flush the output stream after each write if the output
    is interactive.
  • Fixed possible stack overflow caused by storing object buffers on the
    stack. They are now dynamically allocated in the free memory.
  • Fixed possible infinite loop in string to floating point number conversion
    when zero is followed by non-significant zeros in the fractional part.


  • Added a check to rx() function when called before the target port name has
    been set with with address(). Now prints error message instead of

MorphOS/Libs/Lua/os.module [NEW]

  • Added the last missing standard Lua module.


  • Fixed possible stack overflow caused by storing large internal structures
    on the stack. They are now dynamically allocated in the free memory.


  • Fixed possible stack overflow caused by storing large internal structures
    on the stack. They are now dynamically allocated in the free memory.


  • Fixed a bug in SeekChunkBytes/Records() API calls that addresses some
    SDTM_REWIND issue for certain iffparse based audio datatypes.


  • Upgraded to libpng 1.2.52


  • Report AMCC 4×0 and Freescale e5500 as G3


  • Fixed for NewStyle SCSI device unit numbers, now sees Symbios SCSI units
    beyond unit 7


  • Fixed volume fill percentage calculation for very large volumes
    (>= 2^32 blocks).


  • Support for base relative addressing in threads without “saveds” keyword


  • Added support for OpenGL Vertex Buffer Objects.
  • Added support for compressed textures.
  • Fixed a bug where partial update of non-32 bit textures could cause system
  • Cleaned up and optimised the array state handling.


  • Added support for R500 GPUs.
  • Added support for OpenGL Vertex Buffer Objects.
  • Added support for compressed textures.
  • Added support for GL_LUMINANCE and GL_ALPHA textures.
  • Fixed several alpha channel related problems in the OpenGL combiner
    support code.
  • Fixed a bug where partial update of non-32 bit textures could cause
    system instability.
  • Cleaned up and optimised the array state handling.
  • Added support for OpenGL compiled vertex arrays.
  • The Radeon vertex processor is now set up for optimal performance,
    allowing faster rendering when using VBOs in combination with complex
    vertex programs.
  • Added support for GL_SPHERE_MAP texture coordinate generation.

MorphOS/Libs/TinyGL: 52.5

  • Added:

  • Fixed handling of 1D textures. Enabling and disabling GL_TEXTURE_1D had no
  • Removed support for MGL_UBYTE_ARGB as its value was the same as GL_DOUBLE.
    Added support for GL_DOUBLE colours.
  • Conversion for A8 to ARGB8888 now correctly initialises the R, G and B
    components to 0.
  • Added initial handling of texture format type. Currently only GL_FLOAT can
    be additionally used as input type.
  • Initial Vertex Buffer Object (VBO) support.
  • Initial support for texture compression (DXT3/DXT5). Both online texture
    compression and user-compressed textures are supported. DXT compressor
    based on source code by Fabian Giesen.
  • Fixed handling of texture env-mode based on texture format.


  • Implemented OM_RETAIN and OM_RELEASE in MUI´s rootclass reimplementation
  • Force-flush the image cache when the adjust panel closes to reduce memory
  • bumped to V21, muimaster.library is not compatible to any pre MorphOS 3.8
    boot.img files anymore !


  • Added multicast routing/configuration support


  • Set anything AHI_GetAudioAttrs´d to 0 first, in case the call fails.


  • Adjustable min/max temperature fan triggers


  • added 3840×2160@30Hz default mode


  • Fixed saving/loading of advanced settings for logging, global, debugging
    and selective acknowledgement group
  • added missing cycle chains


  • Added button to set time via internet time server


  • Adjusted left border offset for color prints on PCL5 compliant color laser
  • Fixed color prints on PCL5 compliant color laser printers when
    “Halftone=Off” was selected in Preferences


  • Added support for optional bootloaders on RDB partitioned drives (for
    Sam4x0 systems)
  • Fixed volume percentage display on extremely large volumes
  • Added support for blocksize larger than 512 bytes for MorphOS partitions
    in APM (MAC) layout
  • Other minor fixes


  • Added option to automatically create RDB partition layout with two
    partitions and bootloader (if required by target system).
  • Properly deal with user added TurboPrint printer configs in update mode


  • Added support for exFAT and Ext4 detection.
  • Added support for reading block size, auto-mount and filesystem type from
    APM (Mac) layout.
  • Fixed for NewStyle SCSI device unit numbers, now sees Symbios SCSI units
    beyond unit 7
  • Other minor fixes.



  • Added OpenCatalogA() monitoring.
  • Added execution time monitoring.
  • Added a new statistics display.
  • Updated and fixed documentation.


  • New visuals and streamlined user interface matching the official MorphOS
    box design.


  • Use IEC binary prefixes for display


  • Added detection/ a separate image for Radeon HD graphic cards


  • Added tooltype “FRAMESCAN”. Setting FRAMESCAN=NO will disable track length
  • Added tooltype “STREAMBUFFER”. Setting STREAMBUFFER=YES will enable
    support for Reggae´s experimental streambuffer.class.
  • Various fixes
  • Better support for seeking extremely long tracks.


  • Added support for web links.
  • Fixed to allow window snapshot when launched with “PORTNAME” argument.
  • Various bug fixes.

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