Show HN: A virtual machine designed for programming workshops

A virtual machine designed for programming workshops.


Based on boxcutter/ubuntu.


Technical workshops shouldn’t be about installing a development environment in Linux, Windows, OS X, or whatever else. Unless that’s what they are about, this takes way too much time from everyone and it’s a pain.


This project includes two Packer templates:

  • server.json – No desktop environment.
  • desktop.json – Xubuntu desktop environment.

Both of them build a virtual machine based on Ubuntu Server 14.04 with the the following software installed:

Desktop version has the following installed:


I’ll be building OVA files and Vagrant boxes for each version and hosting them.

Building and Uploading



$ make server
$ AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID='' AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY='' make upload/server


$ make desktop
$ AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID='' AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY='' make upload/desktop

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